Aug 21

The importance of Body and Skin hydration

Body Hydration

Water is an essential component for all processes the body completes each day. While most of these processes occur without our awareness, without adequate water availability they would not occur, and in cold weather, not enough water increases certain problems.
The human body is made up of 70% water; most of the water is found in and around tissues like skin and within the tiny individual cells that make up our body parts like organs. We lose water on a daily basis in the following ways:

  • 1/2L lost through normal breathing
  • 1/2L lost through perspiration
  • 1.5L lost through urine and bowel excretion
  • 2L lost through exercise

Although we tend to think of it as a summertime concern, dehydration doesn’t disfavour the cooler months. In fact it is more likely for people to become more dehydrated in the winter months purely because the air you breathe is drier, and your lungs have to work harder to humidify the air and warm it up. Tips to help prevent Dehydration in the cooler months :

  • Replace what you loose (if you are perspiring more, drink more)
  • Drink beverages that are room temperature ( cold liquids are absorbed quicker by the body)
  • Eat fruit ( winter fruit are great as a water source and most are a great source of vitamin C)
  • Eat salty foods including soup ( salt helps to retain fluids)
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine (both have a diuretic effect)

Winter Skincare

Cold weather can be extremely drying, due to indoor heat and outdoor wind chills, so just as you switch togs for jumpers come winter, you need to switch up your skincare routine to fit the season. Here are some tips to keep skin hydrated and healthy all winter long.
Start using night cream during winter months (skin repairs at night and using a night cream helps to keep the skin well hydrated)
Scrub it! Use a microdermabrasion once a week (when skin drys out it sticks up like little hairs, so rub those suckers off!!)
Look after your lips (so often we forget to keep our lips from chapping. Slap on the lip balm and keep your little smoochers happy)
Sun screen ( yes, we forget the sun is still out and that UV raise is still as harsh in winter as it is in summer, so try a SPF moisturiser or foundation)
Slap on the moisturiser (the creams you use in summer probably won’t cut it in winter – try a slightly thicker day cream that will keep your skin fully hydrated all day long)
Use a softer soap (Because of the cold winds and air the water in your skin evaporates which leads to dryness, redness and an uneven texture. The harsher your soap the dryer your skin).

Couple of tips

Add flavour to plain water – a squeeze of Lemon or Lime help make drinking water or tea more delicious, and provide a boost of natural Vitamin C.
This winter, keep the water flowing for your best health.

Until next time!!