Organic Tummy Balm


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Product Description

Our Tummy balm for pregnancy is made with the finest ingredients available. We start with pure organic Cocoa butter and then added organic Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and a hint of Lavender. Together they promote collagen and elastin levels to increase cell regeneration. This results in firmer skin with greater elasticity and helps defend against pregnancy stretch marks and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Our Tummy balm penetrates into the deepest skin layers, while creating a protective shield that locks in moisture and nourishes your growing belly.

Our Tummy balm can be applied all over your body and is safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

TIP: Make sure that when applying our oil or butter, you do so with a gentle massage type motion. The ‘massaging’ is what will bring blood flow to the surface and this will help aid in stretch mark prevention. Follow at night with another application.



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