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Is it safe to use essential oils while I’m pregnant?

We have had a few people ask about the use of essential oils in our pregnancy products …

Wow, what a controversial topic! There is so much out there at the moment about this subject that I thought I would put up a post with a little info for your info!

Firstly, I would like to say that as a mum who has had 3 babies, I know how confusing it is for new mums with all the info that is passed on (whether we want it or not) that we have no idea what to believe and what not to believe. So please read on and take from this what you need or want and remember, it’s your body and your baby.

I managed to find a list of what an expert in the field has deemed to be safe and not so safe Essential oils to use when pregnant – for various reasons. I have also left the search links on certain words incase you need them.
Also keeping in mind that it’s a very good idea to mix essential oils with a carrier oil (like sunflower oil for example) if it’s going to go straight on to your skin.

Oils that are safe for you to use

As long as your pregnancy is going well, it’s fine for you to use:

  • citrus oils, such as tangerine and neroli
  • German chamomile
  • common lavender
  • frankincense
  • black pepper
  • peppermint
  • ylang ylang
  • eucalyptus
  • bergamot
  • cypress
  • tea tree oil (not in labour)
  • geranium
  • spearmint

Oils that are not safe for you to use

Don’t use the following essential oils while you are pregnant:

  • Nutmeg, which may have hallucinogenic effects and react with pain-relieving drugs in labour.
  • Rosemary, which is thought to increase blood pressure, and may cause contractions.
  • Basil, which is thought to contribute to abnormal cell development.
  • Jasmine and clary sage, which may trigger contractions.
  • Sage and rose, which may cause bleeding in your uterus (womb).
  • Juniper berry, which may affect your kidneys.
  • Laurel, angelica, thyme, cumin, aniseed, citronella and cinnamon leaf should also be avoided as they could stimulate contractions.
  • Clary sage can be a great way to get labour started if used by a trained midwife for a mum who is overdue. However, don’t use this oil yourself, as overuse can make your contractions too powerful.

Temple Tonic uses lavender in both tummy oil and balm.
There is a lot of confusion over the safety of lavender essential oil in pregnancy. That’s because lavender can be used to regulate periods. Rest assured that this does not mean using it in pregnancy raises the risk of miscarriage. However, for ease of mind, you may want to wait until your second trimester before using it.

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