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Aug 21

Is it safe to use essential oils while I’m pregnant?

We have had a few people ask about the use of essential oils in our pregnancy products ... Wow, what a controversial topic! There is so much out there at the moment about this subject that I thought I would put up a post with a little info for your→ Read more

Aug 21

Pregnancy & Baby Products with FREE Bag

Tummy balm - $17 Tummy oil or baby massage oil $19 + FREE Envirosax kids bag (while stocks last)→ Read more

Aug 21

The importance of Body and Skin hydration

Body Hydration Water is an essential component for all processes the body completes each day. While most of these processes occur without our awareness, without adequate water availability they would not occur, and in cold weather, not enough water increases certain problems. The human body is made up of 70%→ Read more

Aug 21


Hello everyone!

I thought since I have never blogged before a good start would be for me to introduce myself!

My name is Joni and I am the proud owner of Temple Tonic, I am also a personal trainer! My passion is working with mums pre and postnatally, everyday women wanting to loose weight. I also work closely with the IDEA Services and the elderly which I have a session with every week which I call Sit and Be Fit!

I have 3 children Jono (7), Pippa (4) and Isla (3), who keep me VERY busy.

I am so thankful that I am able to do the things that make me happy, I will be brining you a mish mash of information from health and fitness to nutrition and healthy living – so hold on to your hats!!

This my hubby, Scott and I on a recent holiday (just so you know what I look like).